Monday, September 1, 2014

Monopoly Cake

My son wanted a Monopoly cake for his birthday.  He also wanted caramel in his cake.  So I made a southern caramel cake and then made the board out of chocolate discs.  The cake is a 13x13 inch square cake.

In my home we have the nostalgia version of Monopoly.  So I found images online of the corner squares, chance, water works, electric company and the train for the rail roads that matched that version.  Make sure you flip the image when you do any kind of transfer for a cake.  If you do not, then it will look backwards when you put it on the cake.  I made the outline of the property spaces in Microsoft Word.  The community chest, income tax, and luxury tax spaces were just blank rectangles I also made in Word.

I printed all the images out and put the paper under some wax paper.  I then outlined everything in black chocolate.  So everything is the main outline, the question marks, the GO word and arrow, everything.  When that hardened up, I then filled in all the colors except the main creamy off white.  All the other colors need to harden before filling in with the off white color.  After everything was filled in and hardened, I had 40 little rectangles.  I gently peeled off each piece and placed it back in the wax paper in the order I wanted for each side.  I divided them into 4 groups.  In group 1 I started with the GO space and went to the last property space in the line.  Group 2 had the Jail space to the last property space in that line.  Group 3 was free parking to, yes, the last property space in that line.  And group 4 was from Go To Jail to, you guessed it, the last property in that line.

I thought it would be easier to arrange 4 long pieces on the cake and 40 individual pieces.  So I flipped each piece back over and arranged each group into its own line, but backwards.  The Go space above was placed as the first piece on the right of the line.  Remember, the top of the space is facing the wax paper, so I had to arrange it backwards so it will be right when I flipped it over.  The edges were not strait, so there were gaps between the spaces.  To remedy this, and make the chocolate stronger, I melted black chocolate, pipped it around the edges, and smoothed it all over.  When I was done, I had 4 stronger pieces in total.  With those 4 pieces on the cake I had a 9.5 inch square left in the middle to cover.  I did not want thick chocolate, because it would then be hard to cut into.  So I drew the size of square I needed on one side of wax paper.  I flipped it over, put in on an upside down cookie sheet, and used the same color of chocolate that is the background for the spaces to make a thin square.  I then piped red chocolate words for the middle square.  With the 4 long pieces off the cake, I kept the thin chocolate square on the cookie sheet and flipped it over onto the cake.  I then took off the cookie sheet and gently peeled the wax paper off.  Next the 4 long pieces were put on then I placed the red chocolate words.  And that is it.  All that is left is eating it!!