Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Mario Party: More Goodies

As you may have read, my son wanted a Mario Party for his birthday.  I have already posted tutorials for his Lakitu cake, King Bob-omb candy and the Cheep Cheep candy.  Here are the rest of the goodies!

I used napkins that looked like Toad and Blue Toad.  The blue Kool-Aid is for the Blue Toad as well.  The rice crispy treats are grey tinted for Whomp.

These are sandwiches made from rolls to look like Wiggler's body.  When the rolls were ready to go into the oven, I used a pastry brush to color them yellow with a dyed egg wash.  If you wanted to, you could make the rolls from scratch and dye the dough yellow.  After the rolls were done, I mixed some food color with water.  I used a food safe paint brush to make a orange circle and then a brown ring around it.  I then cut them and filled them with meat and cheese!

These are just mini powdered doughnuts for "Boo's Doughnuts".

This is a mixture of Whoppers and Milk Duds for Chain Chomp Kibble.

These are Bowser Jr. Jell-O Cups.  Green Jell-O in small plastic cups and then some spray whipped cream.  Bowser Jr.'s shell is green with white spikes.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Mario Party: Cheep Cheep Candy

Here is another Mario inspired treat that I made for a birthday.  They are called Cheep Cheeps, which are fish in the Mario world.

Cheep Cheeps, as you can see, have red bodies, white fins, yellow dorsal and tail fin, a pink mouth and big eyes.
I made these entirely out of Starbursts:
Red and Yellow from the Original
Pink and Yellow (looks white) from the Tropical
*If your candy is hard, just unwrap it and warm it in the microwave on a plate for a few seconds*

I got a Wilton gum paste tool set for Christmas and so I used some of those to help with the fish.  I shaped the body out of the red candy and made it a 3D oval shape.  For the mouth I made little pink balls and made a whole with the small modeling stick from the tool set.  The eyes are a oval that I just pinched together a little in the middle and black food writer pupils.  The Dorsal fin is an oval that I embossed with a shell tool.  The tail fin is a circle that I pinched three points from.  Finally the side fins are ovals with one end being smaller than the other.  The smaller end connects to the fish and I made some lines with the pallet knife in the other side of the oval.  Since it is all the same candy, it stuck together just fine.  If you are having a hard time sticking them together though, a little bit of water will help.  I ate one and loved the combination of flavors!  So good!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Mario Party: King Bob-omb Candy

Here are some hollow chocolate balls that look like King Bob-omb.  And there is a secret . . . Mini chocolate candies inside!!!

First I melted some black chocolate discs, like the Wilton Brand.  I coated the sides of a silicone cake pop pan with 2 coats, letting it harden between each coat.  Slowly peel the sides of the silicone away from the chocolate.  What I had was a bunch of half circles.

The edges are uneven and the best looking were the ones where I heated a frying pan and evened the edges out.  Another plus is that this make the chocolate melted a bit and sticking the two halves together is easier!  So even the edge of one half circle and then fill it with mini chocolate candies.  Then even the edge of the other half circle and stick it to the first one.  After holding them together for a bit, I then used my finger to smooth where the halves met and it looked perfect!  Then put the candy filled chocolate balls in the fridge to chill.

Now comes the decorating.  I put a dab of melted black chocolate on some wax paper and placed a chocolate ball in it and held it there for 10 seconds.  Now it will not roll around.  I used the yellow candy in the Original Starburst for the crown and the yellow candy in the Tropical Starburst for the eyes, mustache and hands.  The Tropical Starburst yellow is actually white looking when you get the wrapper off.  The stickiness of the Starburst made it stick to the chocolate ball very easily.  I did put some melted chocolate on the bottom of the crown since it was a bigger piece of candy to stick on.  And they are done!

Here is another kind.  I made this the same way, but it is Lakitu's spiny egg.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Mario Party: Lakitu Cake

Hey!  Sorry it has been awhile.  I sprained both of my thumbs, yes that is what I said, both of them.  After that I was immersed in my child's birthday party plans.  Things are less busy and painful, so I can post!

So my child wanted a Mario Party Birthday.  And what does he as for his cake?  A Lakitu Cake.  For those of you who may not know all things Mario, Lakitu is a little guy with a shell that rides a cloud and throws little spiky balls (called spiny eggs) at Mario.

For the cloud I baked two 9 inch cakes and after filling it with butter cream, I marked the top of the cake into thirds.  I carved along the lines to make them deeper, made the top edge of the cake rounded and also carved the sides to make it smaller.  I took the leftover cake, added some butter cream and mixed it together, like cake pops.  I then made a few half circles, about as bit as my palm, that I added to the sides and top of the cake.  I thinly iced the cake in butter cream and then draped it in white modeling chocolate.  Using a black edible Marker, I added the eyes and smile.

For Lakitu, I took a wooden dowel and molded his body out of rice crispy treats and covered in yellow modeling chocolate.  I took some of the leftover white modeling chocolate and colored it a bit to make it a light ivory color.  I rolled it into an oval and cut lines across with a pizza cutter.  I then used water to "glue" it to his tummy.  I made his arms and head out of rice crispy treats and covered them with yellow modeling chocolate as well.  I attached the arms to the body with some toothpicks.  I put the head on the top of the dowel.  I had some leftover brownie, so I made a brownie pop, dipped it in red chocolate and put white chocolate chips to create a spiny egg.  I placed it on the cake under one of his arms.  Since it was a brownie pop, I pushed the stick into the cake to hold it in place.  I put some paper towels under his arms and behind him and let him dry overnight.

Earlier I had made a shell using green chocolate and the Wilton Dessert Dome Candy Mold.  I wrapped the wider end with white modeling chocolate and created the lines with melted chocolate.  Once that was dry, I dabbed water on the modeling chocolate and placed it on his back.  I then pushed in 4 toothpicks to secure it.

I made his goggles, the goggle strap and his hair with black chocolate.  I then used food writers to draw his eyes and mouth.  It was a lot of fun to make!

More to come!!